What to expect at TechSparks 2014

T   TECHBazaar  Come be a part of our marketplace

E   Enterprise & Corporate LeadersNetwork with the who’s who of the eco-system

C   Collaboration & Networkingyou snooze, you lose!

H   High-octane Energy and Inspirationget that courage to start out on your own

S    Startup Rockstarsyep, entrepreneurs, that’s you

P    Prizes & Partiesenough said

A    Angels & VCswoo them with that dazzling pitch

R   Relax with a Foot Massagea little TLC for our guests

K   Knowledge & Insights in Innovationleave feeling better informed

S    Strategies for Scale and Success1:1 sessions with our many experts!


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The emerging Indian TECHBazaar 2014

– Guided Tech Tours for corporates, trade bodies, M&A experts and media to meet high-potential enterprise startups

– Hiring Walkathons

– Entrepreneur barter (Service – Product)


– Curated Workshops based on city-wise demand

– 1:1 sessions with Sequoia Capital for TECH30 companies

– Meet-ups by area of expertise

– Product & Service stalls

– Networking & Fun Events

Grand Finale

– Hackathons

– Keynote Speakers & Panel Discussions

– Tech30 Demos & Tech30 Report Launch

– Cocktail Evening


What would YOU like to see from TechSparks 2014? Come talk to us, we’re all ears.




YourStory thanks our sponsors Sequoia Capital, AWS and Verisign for their continued support with TechSparks 2014.



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