Geekybuddha endeavors to bring back board games

As a kid what did you play at home when it was raining? Or on hot summer days, when your mother told you not to play in the heat outside?  Usually board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders come to mind, right? Whatever the game, it was fun to sit with family and friends around a board game and have a blast.


Slowly, iPads and other tablets replaced board games because many games went digital. However, Shree Kant Bohra, a game-board enthusiast, is bringing back the culture of playing board games with a fresh outlook with Geekybuddha games.

After playing board games over the weekends in Bangalore, Jodhpur-based Bohra believed this was something he could turn into a venture and make board games popular again. His love for board games and the feedback he received from friends gave him the confidence that he could make and popularize board games. Ritu Choudhary joined him in this pursuit as a Co-founder of Geekybuddha games.

They have been working on fresh ideas for board games that are contemporary and appeal to the new generation.  Their first product, a card game called Salt Merchant, has already been launched. The theme of the game is related to the salt business, where you are a salt merchant and are trying to save your 50-year-old salt business, which was started by your grandfather.

Shree shares,

“We have been working on this game for more than 6 months now. Various versions of the game were made and play tested with hundreds of different people to improve upon the game play and to reach this final version. It’s such an addictive game that you can play it for hours, once you get a hang of it. A perfect game to kill your time with friends or family, we are confident that this game will do very well in the Indian market,”

They are also working on another board game with the theme of politics, called  ‘Politics of India’.


In recent years, board games have been gaining momentum globally.  The annual four-day tabletop game conference, Gen Con that is held in Indianapolis, US, recorded an increase in the number of participants from 20k last year to more than 50k this year.

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Amidst the boom of tech startups, it is refreshing to see such startups working towards providing leisure opportunities for people.

Don’t know how to spend your weekend post the hangover?

Try their board game – here

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