Forget point-click-tap, Gesturs will let you interact with applications with a swipe

If you are a smartphone user you might have heard of the application named Swiftkey and Swype. These are the applications which are popularly used on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. All you need is a connect-the-dots approach on the alphabets of the qwerty keyboard, and -Voila!- you have a word. It greatly increases the speed of typing sentences. These gesture-based applications that have got about 10 million downloads till date, continue to be popular.

Hemant Singh Tomar, an alumnus of MANIT, Bhopal – 2011, always had a zeal for startups from his college days. He is one of the brains behind the new application, Gesturs. He is supported by his co-founder and childhood friend Rohit Singh, who handles the tech aspect of the product. Presently a four-member team, it operates with the help of Excubator, a firm whose mission is to create and grow a vibrant ecosystem designed to take Indian entrepreneurship practices to a global level.


Gesturs provides the user a universal language of interaction with digital devices driven by a swipe of your finger. It allows you to swipe gestures on your track-pad and touchscreen. Thereby, it eliminates the 30-year old approach of find-and-click or point-and-click to some extent. Using Gesturs to open your favorite YouTube channel? All you need is to swipe a “Y” on the trackpad, or it can be anything else you’d want to set up as a gesture

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While in the last semester of his college, Hemant started a social network which could not sustain after six months. He tells us, “I got to learn a lot and do not regret the shutdown of the social network. I got to learn a lot from the experience.” After this he worked at Infobeans System India. He mentions one powerful statement: that the devices have changed from desktops to laptops, mobiles and tablets, but the way we interact with these devices has remained the same. Not many have taken up the open opportunity to play around with gesture recognition technologies like Gesturs has.

More over, the same gestures that you mapped on your PC can be used across devices you use-your android or apple phones, your tablets, and your laptops. This brings out the operating system neutrality, hence the same user experience across all the devices. Presently, it works on the Touch Screen laptops, Tablets and PC’s (Windows 7 and 8), and it will be available for the other cross-platform devices like Android, Mac, Linux, iOS etc. soon

Hemant tells us that presently they’re approaching the B2B market segment, trying to get popular tech blogs, social networks like facebook and twitter besides talking to big original equipment manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung. They’ve bootstrapped, and in shape to go for a full-scale beta launch, informs Hemant with excitement.

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