How instill.motion helped Faaso’s deliver a wrap in less than 3 minutes?

Faaso’s is a quick service restaurant chain started by Jaydeep Barman from Pune. The venture is backed by Sequoia Capital and has seen good growth over the years. Faaso’s has got its positioning right and gives the air of a very nimble company growing quickly. One of their fortes is the speed. It’s a collective effort that goes into putting together  a structure that enables processes to be faster. Here we’re going to look at a company which helped Faaso’s get here. Step in, instill.motion – a consultancy firm.

Hersh Haladkar

Problem statement: With a new store opening practically every month (competing against the likes of McDonald’s & Dominoes), Faaso’s needed a systematized, replicable and scalable model of their services ensuring process efficiency and product consistency.


  • One can get a Faaso’s wrap in less than 3 minutes.
  • A Faaso’s wrap bought in any store in any city would be made the same way.
  • The store can accommodate 80% more people in the dine-in stores.

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  • The Faaso’s stores would provide a unique dine-in experience.

The instill.motion team worked very closely with the Faaso’s stores and came up with ideas that were implemented to achieve the outcome. The duration of the project was five months and they came up with solutions like: Utilizing the heat of the vehicle engine to reduce home delivery time to blow torching rotis for quick cooking to exploring various materials in the microwave to reduce process steps.

Faaso’s is one of the many projects instill.motion has completed and their clientele also includes the likes of Britannia, Marico and Accenture. Instill.motion was founded by Hersh Haladkar who naturally fell into an entrepreneur’s shoes.

I always liked to break and make things. I was fascinated about science, how things work, tinkering with objects, etc and engineering as a line of studies looked the closest to what I wanted to do,  recollects Hersh.

Once in college, Hersh realized in a couple of years that this was not what he had signed up for. It was 2007, and this is when Hersh got a break  with an admission to the Royal College of Art where he did an MA in Innovation Design. The course helped him build some very relevant contacts and after some hands-on work experience, Hersh started up instill.motion in 2010.

Instill.motion has an impressive advisory board that helped it get the first set of clients and the good work from there on has helped them get more clients onboard. Based out of Hyderabad, the consultancy firm has given some interesting solutions to problems across the spectrum and intends to carry on in the same direction.

Hersh had also played the role of the Innovation Head at Symbiosis University and from his experiences there, and previously in his own life, he is also putting the foundation for a School of Innovation. The school will bring together people from various fields and give them a platform to co-locate and co-create. This ‘Innovators Collaborative’ will have a physical presence (via School of Innovation and Creative Gym) and would work with the objective of transforming interest area into innovative businesses.

Website: instill.motion

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