MoJOY – a win-win mobile rewards program for brands, developers and consumers

MoJOY is a win-win mobile rewards program for all users, app developers and brands. Based out of Bangalore, Anand Kummur, the CEO of MoJOY mentions that unless you are a paid customer it is very common that you’ll encounter advertisement while you’re browsing the net or playing games on your mobile.


We know that while these ads add more revenue to the developers, they can also be annoying to users. And customer doesn’t get anything out of it as it’s of no real value to them. MoJOY solves this by providing a real life incentive to the user for using the apps.

Explaining further, Anand adds that by giving us a situation where each time the user achieves something, they are happy. If a user has achieved a goal of collecting 100 coins in a level, they are in a most attentive state. MoJOY aims to capture this particular moment calling it the ‘Moment of Joy’. Every time a user experiences this ‘moment of joy’, they are rewarded for it with real rewards.

MoJOY’s SDK is integrated with the developers’ app in a seamless manner. The rewards can be anything from gift cards, vouchers to material gifts such as t-shirts, etc. These rewards are given out by brands that are looking to engage with their target audience. MoJOY is currently working in 5 different categories- Fitness, Food, Gaming, Productivity and Music.

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MoJOY charges brands and shares the revenue with developers, depending on the engagement. In case the user doesn’t redeem the reward, the brand is not charged. The more the users, the more the revenue, thus making it a win-win situation for everyone in the business.

MoJOY engages with the users when they are psychologically elated. Brands can target users who would like to get a particular set of rewards, increasing the brand value in the minds of the customers The developers, on the other hand, get a share of revenue for their well-made apps. The app acts as solution for the mobile advertising industry, as it has always been plagued by the problems of user retention and willful engagement.

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