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As you already know, YourStory is a fun, passionate and exciting platform for young innovators to tell the world their stories. Yep, we’re talking about YOU.

We invite you to come be a part of our latest contest “MySelfieStory” by YourStory in association with and bag a big prize, besides gaining fame and stardom! is India’s leading rental choice for students and looking for ways to help you find a home, away from home.



All you have to do is take a ‘selfie’ with something that INSPIRES  you and tell us a story based on it – make it daring, funny,emotional, sarcastic & quirky.

See what others have done:

Selfie with FitBitSAMPLE STORY 1

My FitBit keeps me going!

I recently bought myself a new toy and I’m totally in love with it! My own little FitBit – I have it on wherever I go. Measuring the amount I exercise motivates me to keep going and meeting a daily goal! Sometimes your efforts don’t count until you put a number on it. Since even a walk to the kitchen is counted as exercise, I delight in every step I take.

I am also inspired by Deepak Chopra’s Weightless Project. I use my FitBit and burn calories to feed hungry kids – brownie points!



Graduation SelfieSAMPLE STORY 2

Graduation Day

We graduated! Bittersweet feelings overload- sad to leave my friends and teachers behind, but so excited to move on to the next chapter in my life! I am the first girl in my family to have graduated with a formal degree. This knowledge strengthens my courage to excel and achieve greater things in life.

My two cents – Choose your friends wisely, don’t lose focus even if everyone else’s life seems more exciting and make it a point to learn one new thing every day.

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Selfie at YS


Workplace Stories

This is me at the YourStory office. I have a bunch of entrepreneurs and the YS Team sitting in front of me, listening to a guest speaker recall tales of success and failure as he went on to found his first venture.

Coming here is an ongoing source of inspiration and a constant reminder that we’re all surrounded by great people, achieving amazing things every day. We’re inspired by this in different ways – some draw courage to start their own endeavours while others choose to write about them. And then there are those who draw inspiration to continue on when the going gets tough.

What’s more – become a ‘Selfie’ Ambassador, recruit 20 participants and you can win additional prizes! Write to us at


1. Pick a theme from below

PERSON – Take a ‘selfie’ with a person and talk about why they inspire you

(celebrity, family, actor, author, change maker, fictional character etc.)

PRODUCT – Take a ‘selfie’ with an innovative and whacky product and talk about why it inspires you

(gadgets like Google Glasses, or then Books or Cars, etc.)

EVENT– Take a ‘selfie’ with an important event or a moment in your life and talk about why it inspires you

(elections, your graduation, winning a competition, etc.)

CAUSE – Take a ‘selfie’ with a cause and talk about why it inspires you

(educating village children, donation drives, the Mard campaign, LGBT rights etc.)

PLACE – Take a ‘selfie’ at a particular place or location and talk about why it inspires you

(historical monument, Google campus, an eco-village etc.)

WORD – Take a ‘selfie’ with your favourite word and talk about why it inspires you

(inspire, innovate, ignite etc.)  =)

TREND – Take a ‘selfie’ with a current trend and talk about why it inspires you

(taking ‘selfie’s, fashion trends, tech trends etc.) BONUS prize! – Take a ‘selfie’ with your favourite roomie and talk about why you enjoy living together. Make us smile. Sometimes, a smile is all the inspiration you need!

2. Take your ‘selfie.’

3. Write a story (100 words) based on your theme and pick a caption.

4. Submit it on the ‘#MySelfieStory‘ site. (It will be reviewed and published)

5. Tell your friends about it – make it viral and become a “Popular Story” (bonus prizes for the popular vote!) – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter….!

6. Stay put. We’ll announce a winner soon! (Psssstttt..It could be YOU!)


Start today! Entries close on July 20th.

Winners will be announced on July 30th.


Only students who are currently enrolled in schools and colleges are allowed to participate. A valid student ID may be requested at a later date.


Because you get a chance to share your story with millions of readers on YourStory and there are exciting  prizes to be won!

Selfie Rockstar‘ for YourStory’s favourite story

Popular Vote‘ for Popular Stories with the most likes and shares. (Tip: Tag all your friends in your shares!)

Flat.To’s Bonus Prize‘ for their favourite Roomie story

Prizes includes a chance to get featured in YourStory,  iPad Mini, a Kindle White Paper, a Moto G and many more goodies!

Winning entries will be featured on the blog and video. And also if you are a story teller and good with, Twitter – then get to win an internship with

Readers, please visit ‘#MySelfieStory‘ and cheer our budding trend-setters on! After all, they represent the next wave of India’s brightest!

For any queries please email:

Terms and Conditions

1. Nobody working with YourStory and its partners shall be eligible to participate.

2. Only students with active enrollments in a school or college/university (under-graduation) shall be eligible to participate. Participants will be required to submit proof of enrollment if selected as a Nominee.

3. YourStory reserves the right to publish all material submitted on the site for review.

4. YourStory reserves all rights to make change(s) and/ or amendment(s) to the existing Rules, at its sole discretion, without any prior notice.

5. The outcome of the voting and/or the decision made by YourStory and regarding voting shall be final and binding on all participants and in no event shall the participants dispute the decision made by YourStory and and/or their employees in connection to the awards and/or otherwise.

6. The Nominee(s) of the awards agree that he/she shall indemnify and keep indemnified and hold harmless YourStory and, and their employees, officers, contractors or any other person in relation to any injury/damage/harm/loss suffered by him/her, in any manner whatsoever in connection with the contest and shall also not file in person and/or through any family member and/or any third party applications, criminal and/or civil proceedings in any courts or forum in India against YourStory to claim any damages and/ or reliefs and/ or otherwise.

7. The terms of these Rules shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and in case of any dispute or any other matter arising in reference to the awards and/ or otherwise shall be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed by YourStory and shall be governed by the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, amended from time to time. The venue for arbitration shall be Bangalore and the same shall be conducted in English language. The costs, charges and expenses in connection to arbitration shall be solely borne by the Nominee(s) disputing the same.

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