Tamarai, helping you realize your true potential through neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

Tamarai, a training consultancy for personal and professional excellence, encourages people to go after their dreams.

Based on the Lotus Philosophy, this venture dwells into emotional wellness and world of possibilities in any space that you may be seeking right now. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the science of achievement, reflects on your existing patterns and gives you tools and techniques to use your thoughts, behavior and actions in a compelling way to get the results that you want in your life.

Being in the Learning & Development field all her career, Payal saw sparks every now and then when someone would discover a new potential in them. This to her was sheer psychology – what ticks people and how do they turn motivation into reality. What’s this difference that makes the real difference? In the end, all it takes is the will to realize your potential.



From being a corporate worker to an entrepreneur, was a real challenge, says Payal. This was a step out of her comfort zone. However, with a purpose to serve others she kept moving ahead and it all seemed like an adventure she had set on. It began with getting the basics from a website, to training venues, to marketing and promoting and crunching on the business aspect of it. It demanded for her to become a seeker and an eternal believer of her work. “It seems easy to be working for yourself on your own terms, but it sure demands endless discipline, constant innovation and much perseverance,” she adds.

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Although it may not be true for all women, certain areas like managing finances and forecasting business and returns could be other challenges. It takes wisdom to recognize one’s work.

In her experience, India is still at the stage of opening up to the idea of exploring different and new-age experience-based learning. The history of L&D began with corporates investing in their people from a job and personality based investment; primarily as a retention tool.


There still are only a fraction of individuals who would invest in self-development from a long term perspective. It takes an individual courage to go out; explore and experience new things that may later turn into a new discovery of who they really are and gain a better insight into their lives. It’s like watching a new genre of movie when you’ve only been watching a certain kind to discover what a breath of fresh air this can be for your development. The format in Ancient India was experiential in a Gurukul setup. Today, many seem to have a high IQ but score much lower on life skills. This is precisely what NLP offers through modelling – not the ‘why’ but the ‘how’ aspect of learning. It opens doors to authentic and skin deep wisdom. The way money is invested to keep our body fit NLP offers solutions for a sound mind and a healthy body.


People, especially from the corporate sector, wellness, medical background, movies, training and coaching have been particularly curious about NLP. It helps people gain a better understanding of how to manage their emotions, how to deal with personal relationships or relationships at work and fight inner demons. In her experience, a lot of times, the two-day workshop opens possibilities and dreams that have been tucked away somewhere but every now and then nudges to make you feel their presence.

Tamarai has diversified to address other pressing social issues like awareness and prevention of harassment at the workplace. At present, Payal is an external member on the sexual harassment committee with a prominent law firm. In the coming months, Tamarai is aiming at scaling workshops for open public, reaching out to corporates at mid management levels in addition to the general trend of it being applied only at the senior management level and subsequently working specifically on women-based NLP programs.

She collaborated with women entrepreneurs who believed in the cause to carry out an outstation retreat for special (Autistic) children and their parents, which probably was their first ever holiday in years! The entire journey, to be able to use NLP to connect with the emotions of parents was indeed a thought provoking one.

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