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What stops Indian entrepreneurs in creating a social impact [Infographic]

Social entrepreneurship is gradually evolving into a mature sector with lots of committed professionals taking up causes that are dear to them and pursuing them to create viable social enterprises. We at YourStory have been enabling this sector with various workshops and knowledge sessions. We published an infographic giving a snapshot of the sector in Q1 of 2014 based on our interactions with social entrepreneurs. Based on the extensive interest generated, we organized a workshop to understand how social investments are made.

So what has changed in Q2 of 2014 with respect to this sector and what to investors in this sector think? Check this interesting infographic to know more.

Decoding Impact Investment_V2_MS_16062014


  • 36% of the startups are in Education sector, whereas 23% each are in Education and Healthcare sector
  • Only 14% and 5% startups are in Women and Children’s Welfare respectively
  • Most of the investors look for clarity of purpose in a social enterprise (23%), which is followed by the demonstrated long-term commitment of the entrepreneur


  • 64% of the startups are bootstrapped, with only 23% externally funded
  • Most of the startups have received grants from institutions (77%), whereas 36% of the startups did not receive any grants

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  • 27% entrepreneurs felt that recruitment and talent development is the major challenge, followed by a non-supportive government policy and low market awareness
  • Surprisingly, only 9% felt that employee retention was a problem
  • 33% entrepreneurs in Education sector face problems in Recruitment and Development
  • 50% entrepreneurs in Community Service face problems because of existing Government Policy

Let us know how YourStory can help social entrepreneurs and create an impact on the social enterprises ecosystem.


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