StoryBites: 20 weekly quotes of India’s entrepreneurial journey, from agriculture and e-commerce to taxis and sex!

From agriculture and e-commerce to taxis and sex, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring the most notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see last week’s post here)! Share these 20 gems and insights from the week of June 22-29 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!


“If you are an entrepreneur and if you are successful, you can change thousands of lives. Entrepreneurism is the need of the hour.” – Ragesh Keisham, SuiGeneris

“Despite being born in the land of ‘Kamasutra’, we get tongue-tied when it comes to discussing sex.” – The BlissBasket Story

“Today customers are taking loans as early as 25 years of age.” –   Rishi Mehra, Deals4Loans

“Ireland can be your global headquarters or European or AMEA headquarters.” Emmanuel Dowdall, IDA Ireland

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“Once at a board meeting, I was sitting next to the VP and I started to snore. Luckily they didn’t fire me.” – Prateek Kayan, BrownBoy

“There’s a lot more to Goa than parties and booze, the latest one being the love for robotics and electronics at the school level.” – The Inventrom Story

“There are 573 universities in India consisting of about 33,000 colleges. In most cases, there is no standardized procedure for application.” – The Madmission Story

“The marketplace model is best suited for an   emerging economy like India with a huge population.” – Ankit Nagori, FlipKart

“With the rapidly growing internet population and mobile growth, people can experiment quickly and at a cheaper cost. This is a luxury which was not available earlier.” – Mukul Singhal, SAIF Partners

“The agricultural output of India has contributed 13.7% of the total GDP in 2013.” – Mumbai Angels & Ankur Capital

“Startups are a great place to be in.” – Nruthya Kesavan, Exotel

“Is local commerce going to be the next big thing in India?” – The Wooplr Story

“With practice you become perfect.” – Pushpendra Gautam,

“It’s the social conditioning because of which we think we need a lot of money.” – Harsha Suryanarayana

“75% of the global auto-rickshaw population is found in India.” – EMBARQ

“Embrace your constraints.” – Biz Stone, Twitter/Jelly

“Gender inclusion is one thing that this ecosystem in east Africa has gotten right.” – Pivot East Africa

“70% of phone calls made are simple status calls which can be answered yes/no.” – Dexetra

“The radio taxi market in India is $6-9 billion dollars growing at 17-20% and the number of taxis in the organized sector will reach 30,000 by 2017.” – The Uber Story

“Business deals +Talent + Funding + Partnerships + Media = everything you need to scale your business at one go!” – TechSparks 2014


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