TechSparks 2014 – bringing India’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and tech enthusiasts at one place

We hope you saw what TechSparks 2014 is bringing for entrepreneurs. In short,

Business deals +Talent + Funding + Partnerships + Media = everything you need to scale your business at one go! 

But what about other ecosystem players? Yep, meet investors, corporate leaders, M&A experts, foreign trade bodies, tech enthusiasts and many other key players at India’s most popular and mainstream Tech Entrepreneurship Carnival.




What’s in it for Investors?

TechSparks gives you an opportunity to uncover India’s next billion dollar companies.

Looking to make your next investment? Come to TechSparks

Keep a tab on new-market and on-ground innovations

Meet influential leaders (corporates, mentors, angels)  in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem – an opportunity to forge meaningful connections

Meet media and bloggers from all across India


What’s in it for Corporate Leaders?

Forge profitable relationships with entrepreneurs and fuel your innovation/entrepreneurial agenda

Discover potential M&A candidates early on

Keep a tab on new-market and on-ground innovations

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Market your offerings to potential customer/partner base

Recruit from a large pool of tech/developer/entrepreneurial audience

Participate in TECHBazaar through guided tours bringing you only the brightest and best enterprise startups!


What’s in it for Tech Enthusiasts?

Bored at your job? Find out where the puck is going to be next. Find inspiration to start your own company

Meet young innovators and discover market trends

Opportunity to consult as technical advisors to startups

Network with corporates to uncover the next big thing


YourStory works passionately to discover India’s most promising new entrepreneurs and provides them a platform to showcase their new break-through technologies. Come meet India’s next big startup superstars – only at TechSparks!

Entrepreneurs – you can’t miss being a part of TECH30 2014.



We are waiting to hear from you, get in touch with us to know more!


Thanks to our sponsors Sequoia Capital, AWS and Verisign for their continued support with TechSparks 2014

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