Travel the world and tell your friends about it with TraveLibro, a platform that merges travel info and social network

What does a traveller need to plan a trip? Most likely talking to fellow travellers for experience and surfing the Internet for information. However, it would take weeks and weeks of research to get both done.

TraveLibro eases this pain by combining the two aspects. The portal is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines social media with a travel guide. By getting people to sign up as users, it brings together a community of all kinds of travellers to plan, execute and share their escapades — a system that enhances one’s travel experience greatly.

TraveLibro also provides detailed set of information, categorized with the type of holiday as a base. They are heading towards being a one-stop shop for all travel related information.

Monish Shah & Shruti Shah, Co-founders – Travelibro

The traveler and the travel industry

The travellers’ demands today have taken a very unique turn, steering away from being content with just a lazy week at the beach or a day at an amusement park. They want more; they want something that they’ve never experienced before.

Shruti Shah, co-founder, Travelibro says,

We bring together the travellers and industry experts to satiate their hunger for exploring the world. With the industry evolving at a head-spinning pace, we are keeping up with the speed and carrying a strong fundamental content along, all set to take the world head on.

The travel industry has taken a revolutionary turn in the last five years, especially in India. The frequency of travelling has definitely shot up but what’s more intriguing is that it’s no longer just limited to family outings. Now, we see adventurers, honeymooners, luxury travellers, budget-abiders and backpackers, along with the family vacationers. The travel industry has seen a stark rise in business due to this. Also, with social media in almost every home in the country, people have shown a strong desire to connect with family, friends and the world on the whole.

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Travelibro platform

TraveLibro logoSo the twist lies in creating a platform for the travellers that also enables them to connect with each other while looking for information. “It’s very interesting, exciting and challenging to be one of the rare players trying to create a niche in travel social networking space,” says Shruti.  With India having a strong share in both these departments — travelling and social networking — a merger of the two will effectively cater to the needs of the users, keeping in mind the ongoing demand for it in the market and help them create a brand and personal space in this industry.

In addition, the users get to make their profile that’ll enable them to rate the destinations they’ve travelled to, track their journey, a travel map to mark the places they’ve been to, upload pictures and videos, put travel updates, connect to other users online and more. The portal considers all the ratings it receives of each destination and gives out an average rating to help your decision. It also offers information on over 190 countries along with top things to do there and an extensive blog to get to know the country that you’re planning to hit next.

Monish Shah & Shruti Shah, Co-founders - Travelibro

The fact that today’s world has seen the emergence of all kinds of travellers (people looking for soul-searching excursions, bachelor party destinations, solo travel places, road trips and much, much more) and that they are looking for a single platform to not just find thorough information but also personal experiences and sharing and compiling their travel stories, gave birth to TraveLibro.

The name, ‘Libro’ in Spanish means ‘book’ and so the name essentially means ‘Travel Book’, summing up the essence of the portal. It is like a book of every traveller out there for everyone to refer to.

Journey ahead

The fact that travel and social networking industry at an individual level are the two biggest giants in the online space, promises an intensely strong and valuable industry and market share. In fact, the travel social networking industry’s top travel players are valued at billions of dollars. The key to pull in the audience lies in the information that a traveller seeks, hence making everybody from a passionate blogger to a trip advisor their competition. They have a list of 7 concrete phases chalked out for TraveLibro which pan out until 2017 and each phase comes with its share of development and marketing. The entire portal is self-financed.

“We have Akbar Holidays, one of India’s leading travel agents, on board. They have created their agent page on the portal and have also been uploading content on the same,” says Shruti.

They are working towards a Mobile Responsive site for TraveLibro which gives the user a seamless experience to access the site when viewing it from their mobile/tablet devices.  New features on the site are also in the process, which will further help the user’s experience on TraveLibro easier. Shruti says,

The idea to create an online property, which provides all possible information about travelling to users from around the world, has been the sole motivator.

Share your travel itinerary on Travelibro now.


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