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Track your parents’ health records from anywhere with UberHealth

Neeraj Sinha is the only child of octogenarian parents. While he is settled in New York, his parents remain in Kolkata. “Since the last five years my parents aren’t doing well (diagnosed with various old age disease), and it kept me worried all these years. I also tried to bring them here with me in the US but they were reluctant to move,” says Neeraj.

Last month, Neeraj got to know about UberHealth, which enables people who are either busy or living away from family to manage all aspects of family healthcare. He now monitors his parents’ medical records and seeks second medical opinion with doctors through UberHealth.


Brainchild of NIT (Jalandhar) alumni Kamal Aggarwal, Ishan Jha and Ajay Pal Singh, UberHealth partners with labs to take blood sample from the home and seek doctor’s suggestions based on outcomes. The company dispatches the report plus video of the doctor’s feedback both online and in physical form.

Kamal also has a PhD degree from Stanford and is based in the US. He takes care of marketing and operations there. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he had stints at Intel, Motorola, Rambus, Infineon etc. Ishan earlier worked with CSC and is currently focused on partnerships, operations, development in India, while Ajay previously worked as a DRDO scientist. He focuses on marketing, and partnerships in India and the US.

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Staying away made trio think about UberHealth

Kamal Aggarwal
Kamal Aggarwal

“We started it because we have all lived away from home and there is always a concern how your parents are doing. Elderly parents cannot always drive themselves to the hospital/doctor and even if they do, it’s a hassle to get things done in a hospital as there is so much going on. So we decided to provide end to end service for everything from booking appointment, to taking them to hospital and back home, helping them with buying any medicines etc finally uploading all reports and sending it to them too.  One of our representatives stays with them during the complete process,” says Kamal.

The trio started it for elderly parents who are staying alone. But many people who are living with parents but are busy all day, are using its services as well. “Many people have asked if they can use the services for themselves, so we are evolving into a family healthcare platform, though parents is still our focus,” points out Ajay.

The company offers one-year preventive care package which includes an initial checkup and creates a custom plan for everyone for 12 months. One can also call the doctor and seek consultation for non-emergency situation for same or the next day. All a user has to do is call UberHealth or register online and it takes care of the rest.

Size of opportunity

Ishan Jha
Ishan Jha

There is no official data available but according to some estimates, elderly healthcare service in India is over $10 billion. Remittance inflow to India last year was $68 billion as most people send money back home to their families. “If we only focus on NRIs, there were over 22 million NRIs in 2012 and most have families back home. Besides, with growing middle class this number is increasing rapidly,” adds Ishan.

Traction and revenue model

The three-month-old startup sees good number of customers and is growing every day. Most of the customers right now are those living in India with parents or away from parents. “We have some NRI customers but we expect to get many more over as we expand our services and reach. Also many people are using the services for themselves,” reveals Kamal.

Ajay Pal Singh
Ajay Pal Singh

Since it’s a service model, revenues come from providing services to the customers. “We are offering the dashboard free to everyone where they can manage their complete family health reports and profiles. The advantage is, they can access this information from anywhere in the world, and can get online consultation or second opinion on it. Plus they can monitor the progress too,” says Ajay.

The startup is the only team from India to be selected to pitch at the International Startup Festival in Canada.

Road ahead

UberHealth is planning to add more services and expanding to more cities in the coming months. The startup plans to expand further in Punjab and Nepal. “We are in talks with some service providers to add their services. Besides, we want to be a global company as we have seen personally that healthcare is an issue in developed economies like the US also,” says Kamal.

Website : UberHealth

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