Certified sports trainers start up A3 Performance, a fitness centre for athletes

Sai and Ashwini, co-founders of A3 Performance
Sai and Ashwini, co-founders of A3 Performance

Ashwini Jaisimha and Sai Prasanna are childhood friends who have always been interested in sports. Ashwini played basketball while Sai played cricket. Post school, alongside their graduation, they started studying sports. Sai started his fitness courses alongside his Bachelor of Commerce while Ashwini went ahead to pursue sports psychology. A year after their studies, the duo got together and took the plunge of starting up on their own. Thus was born A3 Performance in February 2013.

A3 is a one stop performance centre for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are often left to fend for themselves while creating a support-team to help them attain peak performance in their sport and/or their daily life. And this is where A3 steps in. Starting a fitness centre was more of a natural progression. Ashwini has represented the state in two sports and having played sport all her life, she always knew that she had to continue being associated with sport in any and all ways. “We never considered setting-up A3 as work! It was always a passion we were pursuing. So managing, working and studying in our areas of passion was never a task, it is just a great experience!’ says Ashwini.

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A3 Performance has two main areas it focuses on:

Sports Performance: This is for training like- Cricket specific training, High performance soccer conditioning, recovery, injury prevention, sports psychology, etc.

Human Performance: Uses an integrated approach and performing “Movements that matter” using the right and legitimate tools for training and implementing the most sought out programs to achieve a total body turnaround. This includes power lifting, Bosu ball conditioning, swiss ball training, etc.

Such fitness are pretty common in the western countries but their demand is just picking up in India. A3 is very different from traditional gyms- it is a fitness centre with customized regimes for every person. It can be sport specific for athletes and for even for non- athlete fitness enthusiasts, there is a specific goal for each regime. When it comes to sport athletes, cricket contributes the highest followed by the likes of Football, Tennis, etc. “Every athlete deserves the attention we provide and every fitness enthusiasts deserves the environments of high-performance we create,” says Ashwini. A3 has an indoor as well as an outdoor facility where in Bangalore where it has been helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts from more than a year.

With changing lifestyles, there is a growing segment of the society that is now looking at picking up healthier ways of living and are ready to work with dedication to attain a toned body. Technology and science has also pervaded the industry with more health activity trackers and research going on. A3 performance has been in the space from a while and has built a good network of experts to help out their clients. Their current focus is on serving clients at their Bangalore store and once streamlined, would be looking at expanding and setting up more centres.

Website: A3 Performance


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