Contact center technology provider Drishti launches product that improves audio quality

ameyoDrishti is a provider of Contact Center software and enterprise communications applications. with a base in Gurgaon, Drishti has presence in over 40 countries including key touch points in Asia Pacific, India, SAARC, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Recently, the company has launched Ameyo VoicePlus- a product that improves the audio quality of a phone call by eliminating the disruptions faced in a contact center. This product aims to help customer service departments of all industries.

Talking about the product, founder and CEO Bishal Lachhiramka says, “A phone calls contains, in addition to the speaker’s voice, acoustic echo and unwanted signals; other people talking around you, wind noise, keyboard-strokes and background music. Eliminating these disruptions ensures smooth interactions which in turn enhances end customer experience.” This particular product assures better audio quality by:

  • Ensuring the noise is suppressed and unamplified
  • Noise Reduction that successfully separates agents voice from the noise and attenuates the latter
  • Automatic gain control that improves quality by sensing and recognizing agent voice.

Drishti, as a company was founded in 2003 and has been bootstrapped completely. We got in touch with their spokesperson, Kartik Kakar, to learn more about Drishti.

YS: What does Drishti primarily do?

KK: Drishti offers communication solutions that empower enterprises and contact centers to dynamically manage Business Processes, Interactions, Workforce and Service Levels on emerging Unified Communications (IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Presence Management, and Application Collaboration), SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Distributed across seven offices in two countries, Drishti’s expert workforce comprises of more than 90 individuals across R&D, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, and Support units. Apart from this, Drishti has a vast network of partners and resellers spread across India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Middle East, Nigeria and Kenya.

YS: Who founded the company? When?

KK: The company was founded by Bishal Lachhiramka, Sachin Bhatia, and Nayan Jain back in 2003

YS: What is the team strength. What is your USP?

KK: Our team consists of over 200 employees. Ameyo is our flagship product:

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Ameyo is a Customer Interaction Management technology for companies to enable them to reach out to potential customers, connect with them, complete their order, manage their complaints, deliveries, and provide feedback through an integrated interface. Ameyo allows organisations to be proactive to its customers as compared to the reactive or passive technologies of the past without the need to replace the existing infrastructure.

Ameyo allows a business to integrate its existing workflows and applications into a contact center solution which has been a challenge for organizations that had to modify their internal processes in order to co-exist with standalone solutions.

Website: Drishti-soft and Ameyo

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