Top Startup Jobs of the Day – Leapswitch Networks, Ethnic Shack, OpenLabs have openings for you

Top Startup Jobs of the Day :


  • Leapswitch Networks is a cloud based company that offers Web hosting infrastructure as a service.They are looking for a full time employee to work out of Pune , for the role of a Systems Admin & Level III Technical Support. The employee should be a  passion driven individual with at least 2+ years of industry experience in managing and supporting IT infrastructure
  • Ethnic Shack specializes in Hand made, Hand woven & Hand crafted products. Their aim is to bring the Artisans & their Exclusive Arts and end consumers together.They are an online E-Commerce venture and brand from Businessovation Solutions Looking for a CoFounder, who is a Go-getter and who has an eye for design and aesthetics to work out of Bangalore.
  • OpenLabs creates Enterprise Resource Planning systems that bear the digital and personal signature of their customers. They infuse creativity in their solutions while adapting to the customers needs, giving rise to a unique blend of tailor made solutions.They are looking for passionate programmers to join their engineering team at Noida, India.

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