Mammoth : A Solution for your collaboration troubles

Collaborations often fall apart due to communication gaps and lapse. Distance, however, can complicate collaboration and communication. To counter situations like these, ‘Mammoth’ offers a solution by creating a platform that offers virtual boards for instant collaboration and communication.


From organizing a family reunion to brainstorming on business matters, ‘Mammoth’ lets you collaborate in an easy and effective manner. With features such as drag and drop and formatting functions similar to a document, Mammoth really does enable collaboration and helps you compile data in one place.

Entrepreneurs behind ‘Mammoth’

Karan M Gupta, Amit Narayan and Ashish Krishna are the three founders behind the venture. Karan, the CEO, is a robotics engineer who used to work at PlayStation. The CTO is Amit Narayan, also an ex-PlayStation employee and an engineer who crashed his school network. Ashish Krishna is in charge of design and is an ex-MSFT as well as an IITian. He has won awards from the BBC, WSJ etc.

When asked about the riskiest thing done so far, Karan says that he drove 100mph in the Swiss Alps, whereas Amit says, “It was making his ex-girlfriend meet his current girlfriend.” Ashish, on the other hand, says that he left a well- paying job in the Netherlands to get in to a social enterprise and work in villages in India, a job that he loved eventually.

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Why offer a collaboration solution?

Collaboration solutions often get nullified because they hardly offer new features compared to their predecessors. This makes people go back to e-mails and attachments.

People still jump between multiple e—mails, folders and storage services to collaborate. Thus, Mammoth gives people collaborative boards that help them research, work together and finish projects. It reduces reliance on multiple storage services and clients can chat on it as well, they said.

E-mail, chat conversations and storage services are all disconnected silos and executing their idea was not an easy task for the team. In Mammoth, collaboration goes beyond a comment box. Rather than describing your process, participants can actually see the whole progression in a board. Mammoth boards are not transient like chat, but permanent. Mammoth allows you to tell the story of your choice by combining content with conversations, they explain.


From professional market research to wedding planning.”

Tired of having to juggle various websites to grab what they needed, they decided to embark on their “Mammoth” journey. “A lot of people are hunting to find solutions to this problem. We get numerous e-mails from people who are trying Mammoth for different things-from professional market research to wedding planning,” says Karan.

According to Amit, they received their first paying customer soon after they uploaded the payment form on the site. Ashish believes that small improvements carried out over the course of a day actually provide huge exponential results.

Challenges and a busy future ahead

In the near future, they plan to provide document previews so that one doesn’t need to open a desktop app for looking at PDFs, documents and presentations. There will be no switching of context. Versioning, encryption and Mammoth for business are also on the cards. They plan to launch an iOS app, a Chrome extension or app and an android app. Though they say that they have had many challenging moments, they don’t expand on it as they believe that working in a start-up means facing challenges every day and attempting to overcome them with limited time and resources.

Karan gets his inspiration from Medium’s beautiful yet simplistic design as well as Elon Musk’s determination to push humankind forward. Amit says he simply draws inspiration from beautiful minds.

Simple things done beautifully. Clichéd but true-Apple! Also, fellow entrepreneurs who left high paying jobs to make the world a better place with their innovative solutions, Ashish says when asked about what inspires him.

You can try out Mammoth here .

About the author

Abhaya Tatavarti is an intern from Bangalore who is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Kenyon College in Ohio.

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