Top Startup Jobs of the Day –Tabtor, Landmark IT, Social Twist have openings for you

Top Startup Jobs of the Day :


  • Tabtor personalizes learning using asynchronous collaboration, digital paper on tablets and Big Data analytics. They combine the best of personalized tutoring, worksheets program a-la Kumon and the convenience of online platforms. They are looking for a PHP Geek and an iOS Developer to join them full time at Bangalore.
  • Landmark IT is a fast growing Startup in eCommerce and CRM space, with offices in Hyderabad, US, Canada.It is the initiative of a group of individuals who have honed their skills, time and energy working for a powerhouse U.S Multinational company for over a decade. They are currently looking for a HTML Rockstar to join them full time at Hyderabad.
  • Social Twist is a leading social marketing technology provider. Their customer activation platform helps marketers drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention strategies. They have helped a large number of customers across industries like consumer products, financial services, travel and entertainment to implement solutions for referral marketing, content engagement and launch creative social applications. They are looking for a Java Developer and an Interaction Designer to join them full time at Hyderabad.

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