Why you should attend TechSparks

It is TechSparks time and we are looking forward to it. Since its inception four years ago, we have celebrated startups and supported the ecosystem. In  its fifth version, Techsparks promises to be bigger and better.


Let’s find out what is new this season and how it will help you?

1) With 10,000 crore set aside for startups by the government, the support for startups has increased. This is likely to push more people towards starting up. It is easy to startup, but how do you find customers? Well, by meeting them. And where do you find them? You guessed it right. TechSparks is your place, be it your first customer or an exciting hire.

2) Your talks with VCs usually fall through. You are confused whether the fault lies in the business plan or the way you present it? Get a first-hand feedback from the VCs themselves. Don’t believe us? One in three startups which were showcased at TechSparks either got funded or got acquired.

3) Entrepreneur 1: What you do?

Entrepreneur 2: I have a startup, have you heard about ABC?

Entrepreneur 1: No. What is it about? Entrepreneur 2:  I founded it, we are solving…What do you do?

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Entrepreneur 1: … (Same story repeats)


We are sure you have come across this situation many times. You are working in a garage (ok that’s a 2 BHK flat in a remote corner of your locality) and the world doesn’t even know you exist yet. Attending the largest startup entrepreneurial summit in the country gives you unmatched visibility and exposure. The above conversation becomes a thing of the past.

4) Network with the best, talk to bloggers, meet people who can offer you services and you can barter your offerings with them. You will find curious and enthusiastic people who are willing to try out your product and give you an insight which you may not have been aware of.

5) We all have been through that phase when we sat in a cubicle dreaming about our own enterprise, starting up and working on our ideas. All we are waiting is for one push. Come to TechSparks and listen to the stories of Entrepreneurs and find out how they got that push. How they started. Get Inspired and keep the inspiration running by keeping in touch with people you’ve met at TechSparks.

6) Heart to Heart conversations. You go to an event, exchange your business card, talk about what your business does and then leave. Most of us don’t even remember the names of people we spoke to in an event. The reason we facilitate such events, is to get you to meet like-minded people. Talk about the problems you are facing and solve them collaboratively. You might just meet someone who has faced a similar issue, or someone who might just offer what you are looking for.

7) “How much does your employer pay you to kill your dreams” – Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), ‘Up in the Air’

What a better way to spend a day than working on your dreams; take a break from the monotonous routine and look into the outside world. Think of what you wanted to achieve when you were 15, come and talk to us and let us know how we can help you do that.

Register for TechSparks here.

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