Website owners and developers, Alertimizer will alert you in case of your website outage

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In 2011, Vidit Chopra, a first year Amity Noida student, started a web magazine – ‘Observer’s Paradise’. With a 10-person team the magazine was running quite well and generating a significant amount of page views. But over a certain period of time, the page views dried up.

The reason was quite simple. Server outages plagued the website several times a day. There wasn’t a way for the administrator to be aware of an arrival of a bottleneck which could cause a server crash. Even though the magazine was revived as quickly as possible, owing to the downtime a huge amount of user base was lost.

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During the same time in 2013, Kantesh Raj, his batchmate, was fresh from his development of a Payment Gateway solution. He too saw the need or a system wherein the administrators can be alerted of a situation in which the payment gateway might fail, leading to loss of credibility and sales.

This was when both of them came together to work on an idea of developing a web application that will be able to provide alerts to the user as soon as his website is found to be offline. The idea has ever since evolved to include detailed analytics for both the website as well as mobile apps. Alertimizer was started in October, 2013.

What is Alertimizer?

Vidit Chopra
Vidit Chopra

Alertimizer is a product aimed at assisting web administrators and website owners. It addresses the lack of an alert system that informs the administrators of websites and mobile apps about the bottleneck that exists. This bottleneck could be an API not functioning optimally, DNS failure in a certain part of a world and around 30 other threshold points that will be monitored to alert the user. This system analyses the website or the mobile app functioning from the perspective of the user. The monitoring and analytics from the user perspective also includes global health of the application.

The product is currently at a stage where the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is ready and the integration is taking place right now before it is released to the public for testing. The MVP prelaunch page is already live at where around 60 entities (individuals and companies) have already given a letter of intent to use the product. The product’s office is currently at Amity Innovation Incubator, Noida.

Talking about getting the domain name, Vidit says, “As soon as we came up with the idea, the first striking thing was obviously the alert system. To be really honest, finding a domain name for your startup is pretty difficult given that most of the domains that you are looking for are either already in-use or parked out. Finding a name relatable to the product was difficult. Luckily, had a certain ring to it and was accepted by everyone.”

Talking about using the .com domain, Vidit says, “It’s a global product. Anyone can use it. Using .in domain would have made it look like a business that is limited to India. Hence .com appeared apt.”

Alertimizer is targeting mobile app developers, company administrators, website owners, administrators and developers.

Kantesh Raj
Kantesh Raj

“Alertimizer’s MVP has the potential of gaining a substantial number of paying customers as the MVP in itself is serving a huge bottleneck that exists. We believe in an iterative approach as a lean startup is the way to be right now hence we are working on the milestones that we have set,” says Kantesh.

When asked about the funding, Vidit says, “We are currently in talks with a couple of investors and are awaiting response. Either way, we are sure to receive funding in the next one month.”

New Relic and Pingdom are a few competitors of Alertimizer. But the duo insists that the alerts provided through Alertimizer are simpler to understand. “Be it a management person with no technical knowledge or a hardcore technology guy, both will be able to smoothly understand and use the dashboard. Currently, the systems that exist are developer friendly and not end-user friendly,” Vidit pitches the superiority of Alertimizer.

Alertimizer intends to have a freemium subscription model, the revenue mainly driven from analytics service that determines the health of the mobile app/website and the linked APIs.

“The big dream will be to reach a level where we can not only serve our users the way they want us to but make the lives of administrators easy. A minute lost in the world of web can cost many companies. We have the vision of giving these companies detailed cause and solution rendering system which will help them tackle the problem as quickly as possible,” they add.

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