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Bangalore Police Commissioner joined twitter last month, here is what he has been upto

Technology has been applied to various sectors for the better and we are no longer restricted to technology being used for just high end stuff. It has become more accessible and less intimidating. We recently covered Gurgaon Police who have come up with an app to encourage awareness and public participation. Even in Bangalore, the police has been active on social media doing great work and their presence has almost nullified the psychological barrier of approaching the police.


The best part is Bangalore police has taken a step ahead in being public friendly when the commissioner of Police MN Reddi joined twitter to listen to issues from public and interacting with them.

It has been around a month when he came online and he is already talking to people and solving problems. The account came to highlight when a resident of KG Halli, Iftikar Pasha tweeted to him about a problem he was facing from goons. He lost over INR 4 lakh in cash and over 100 grams of gold in a robbery in house, but as his attempts to get the issue resolved went in vain, he contacted the Commissioner of Police for help. And it worked. This is not only an isolated incidence where tweeting to the handle helped. Be it individual issues or generic issues related to entire public. These is almost always a response from the handle.

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But it is not only that the commissioner is online for hearing complaints. They have also been coming up with progress on certain issues and reporting about the same.

Social media has truly entered the public domain-  We have had people being arrested for liking content and posting comments on social media. We’ve had social media playing a big role in bringing revolution in middle east countries. We’ve had social media play a big role in getting presidents elected.

With the release of Singham Returns, this makes for a perfect timing for Commissioner of Police to enter social media. You can tweet to @cpblr for your ideas, suggestions and issues.

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