YourStory Fireside Chat with Nexus Venture Partners – ‘You can do it too’

I want to start up, but is it too early? Am I too young or too naïve to be an entrepreneur? All of my friends will be in good jobs, will I be taking too big a risk if I start up right now? I think I should wait a little bit, gain some experience, I will start up after 6-7 years of experience! Will people even take me seriously?

If you have asked these questions to yourself at any point of time, be assured you are not the only one in this dilemma. The wave of entrepreneurship in India is Changing. If you happen to visit the coffee shops in Powai, you witness the brewing startups interacting with their teams, mentors or presenting to potential investors for funding. Powai has indeed become one of the most active startup hubs in India in recent times.


YourStory in partnership with NexusVP brings to you Suvir Sujan – Nexus VP, Advitiya SharmaHousing.comPushkraj PanseSedemac, and Gaurav BubnaZlemma. 

When – Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, 2 – 4.30pm

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Where –  Lecture Hall Complex (LCH complex), IIT Bombay Campus

Agenda :

–  02.00 – 02.30pm – Registration & Networking

–  02.30 – 03.30pm –  Discussion with IIT Bombay Alumnus about their entrepreneurial journey & advice on starting-up.

  • Suvir Sujan, Co-founder & MD, Nexus Venture Partners
  • Advitiya Sharma, Co-Founder,
  • Gaurav Bubna, Chief Product Officer, Zlemma
  • Pushkraj Panse, Chief Operating Officer, Sedemac
  • Shradha Sharma, Founder & Chief Editor, (Moderator)

–  03.30 – 04.00pm – Q&A

–  04.00 – 04.30pm – Networking & Snacks



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