Opportunities to explore in the health care ecosystem: Dr. Gautham Sathia, CEO, BioQuest Solutions

In 2005, BioQuest was founded by Dr. Gautham Sathia with a singular view to offer solutions in the later part of clinical research and development in the medico marketing field and in the digital IT enabled services.


BioQuest Solutions, engages with companies which are launching a drug or a new product in the health care space. BioQuest, helps them launch it and takes it through the growth phase enabling them to grow across geographies.

In the following video, Dr. Sathia talks about his journey from being a doctor to an entrepreneur and how can the healthcare ecosystem be explored by aspiring enterprenuers in this sector:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • There is no right time to be an entrepreneur, don’t think about how you can make a billion dollar company; always think how you can make a difference.
  • Once the government starts taking actions to make sure that this ecosystem is more conducive for entrepreneurs, more and more first generation entrepreneurs will try to take the risk to come out with a solution. Hence, the population and the government should collectively work towards it.

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  • The three big opportunities for a health entrepreneur to explore in this ecosystem would be to leverage the power of technology, to revive the dying breed of homecare doctors and make health facilities accessible to the poor.
  • Health care and finance are the next big things that entrepreneurs can probably look at and explore.
  • New generation entrepreneurs will have to play a bigger role hand in hand with the larger service providers and at the same time work with the company also.

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