Raksha Bandhan appified! Send rakhi to your brother using ‘Merirakhi’ app

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival symbolizing universal brotherhood and sisterhood. ‘Raksha’ stands for protection and ‘Bandhan’ stands for bond, signifying the intention behind the ritual. The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month (‘Shravana Poornima’). This year, it falls on August 10.

 On this day, a sister ties a rakhi, a holy thread, on the wrist of her brother, underscoring the need for nurturing the positive qualities and purity in deed, word and thought. The custom gained popularity with Rajasthan’s Rajput princesses practicing the same while sending off their brothers, friends and other council members to war with the ruling Mughals.

The string of thread tied around the wrist was a constant reminder to the bravehearts at war to protect not only the heritage of their homeland but also the women and children back at home.

Even though many things have changed over time but still festivals have the same status as yesteryears. This digital revolution has helped people celebrate festivals with ease and has also helped overcome many hurdles.

I remember my sister buying rakhis, packing them and sending it to me via a courier service. She always worried about sending the rakhis to me on time; it’s all about the right timing.

Considering that we have digitalized many aspects of our daily life, why not our festivals?

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rakhi1.jpg-2In this fast paced world, everyone is excited about festivals but they don’t really have the time to organise and plan these events. It’s time for technology to come to the rescue and help humans in their festive celebrations.
Monica always found the entire process of buying and sending rakhis on time tedious. So she came up with this app called as Rakhi app which helps sisters buy rakhis online via the app making the process easy. 

Along with the students from Salem, she built the app, Merirakhi, to give this opportunity to sisters to order rakhis for their brothers online.

The app’s UX seems to be really simple –

Select – The team has put together a large collection of Rakhis to offer variety to their users. They handpick each design to suit every taste and to make the occasion memorable. 

Pay – The payment process is secured currently with PayPal.

Send – The team is also managing the logistics support for this process with the help of high-speed couriers with a promise to deliver in 5 working days.

The collection is really great, a gentle reminder to my sister. Hope she knows where to buy rakhis this time.

Don’t let distances spoil the occasion. Merirakhi will help you deliver your token of love at your loved ones’ doorstep.


Link to Merirakhi app on the Google play store : Merirakhi

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