Why Design Thinking is vital: Nick Talbot, Global Head for Design and Innovation, Tata Elxsi, points out

Techsparks 2013 saw Nick Talbot, Global Head for Design and Innovation from Tata Elxsi, as one of the keynote speakers. Nick is an alumnus of Royal College of Art, London and a design veteran. According to him, “A lot of world problems are can be solved by the people who are able to think in the most agile way – The Entrepreneurs”.

He highlights that people use the word – ‘Innovation’, so often that they have forgotten what it means. Innovation fundamentally is about making things better for everybody. Defining a product or a service in this country is quite difficult.

Nick highlights that design helps in:

  • Simplifying what your offer is
  • Crystallizing the vision of the product/service
  • Design thinking has been oversold today in the market

You can learn more directly from the man,

Design thinking runs across everything in the eco-system of a company. It is basically quite humanist and helps in uncovering the nuisances of what people want. Having someone remind who your end customer is, helps in benchmarking the design and technological aspect of the company.

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Here are a few insights from the State of design in Indian Startups,

  • A formal design training an knowledge seems to be lacking in the eco-system
  • Indian startups are realizing the importance of design and inculcating it as a part of the core business strategy.
  • Startups across all sectors feel that the availability and ease of discovering good design talent is very low.

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