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Notary Mama is a single window service for documentation. Gireesh Challa like his many colleagues would run around agents for rental agreements during IT submission. The running around for E-stamp, drafting and notary was a painful process. Out of this was born the idea of Notary Mama. “We at Notary Mama want to save people’s valuable time and money in terms of their documentation services,” says Gireesh.

NotaryMamaStarting Notary Mama was not easy. It involved a complete understanding of the system, this in turn entailed reading of the Stamps and Registration Act and other relevant acts. Gireesh says, “We created channels where we could get a document notarized in an hour and developed a vision to deliver the documents at our clients doorstep. The mission was to serve one customer or 100 customers in a day.”

Gireesh expresses his surprise at the number of petrol bunks, bakeries, restaurants and other joints that allowed them to paste their posters. “We issued Rs 50 discounted coupons and started with trial and error marketing. It worked. We received a lot of positive feedback about how people wanted this kind of service in Bangalore,” says Gireesh.

The USP of Notary Mama that differentiates them from their competitors is a Single Window Service model with home and office delivery options. It entails procurement of E-Stamp on behalf of the customer, preparation of legal drafts, signature with valid identity proofs and delivery of the documents. All this with just a single click on the website.

Gireesh, Prashanth Narayan, Co-Founder, and Aditya form the core team. Gireesh looks after the Business Development, Aditya takes care of Operations and Prashanth is into Brand Development. When they started in November 2013, each day was a challenge and as the time moved those challenges taught them how to acquire new business and market their services.

“Our revenue models are Online Platform and Direct Walk-in. We have tied up with SBI for banking and subscribed to DirecPay for payment gateway to solve payment barriers,” shares Gireesh.

“All that we invested till now are our personal savings and help from friends. Recently, we have received investment from an Angel Investor to start our second branch in Bangalore,” says Gireesh. Notary Mama has its business in every sector. Be it banking, education, property or business. “We are in process of corporate tie-ups with IT companies, banks, NBFCs, real estate and colleges,” he adds.

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One of the significant milestones in the journey of Notary Mama occurred in July 2014 when they served more than 500 customers. This included services like agreements, affidavits, deeds, attestations and registrations.

Notary Mama is expanding and is looking to increase its team size. Gireesh says, “We look for a go-getter attitude in our employees. Integrity and confidentiality are the major factors we look in our employees as we deal with our customer’s personal / financial data.”


He adds, “The smile and sigh of happiness on our customer’s face keeps us excited and drives us to perform beyond their expectations. Being transparent with your customer on your product/service will always take your business to the next level.”

“In the future,” says Gireesh, “you will see Notary Mama in all major locations in Bangalore and Karnataka and in the next five years we are planning to go pan India.”

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