Support this Indian hardware startup’s campaign to create a wireless TV watching experience

Most of the successful startups have told us that there is no secret sauce to their marketing; it’s all word of mouth. We agree and so does this young team at teewe.

This team is asking for 140 characters on your social feed for a one-time show of solidarity from all of you, to prove that the only advertising a good honest product needs is your love and word of mouth.

Here’s their appeal to support their launch day’s social media campaign –

Teewe’s campaign on Thunderclap.


PS. Its trending globally as #1 campaign on thunderclap.

Hardware startups are tough to get started in. Not everybody with a computer, a good Wi-Fi connections and good basic knowledge of how the Internet works can start a hardware startup.

For a hardware startup, cash flows are critical but these days – creating the right product awareness has also become crucial.

Teewe Dongle

Bangalore-based Mango Man Consumer Electronics is one interesting startup to track in this consumer hardware sector. A young team of engineers composed of ex- Zynga, BSB and Capillary Alumni hailing from leading institutes viz. IIT Kanpur, BITS Pilani etc started with the mission to change the way digital content is consumed.

They have successful built, Teewe- a media streaming dongle with the belief to extend the connected home entertainment experience for the next generation.

Have you ever felt lazy to get up from your couch to change the movie track being played on your laptop attached to a large TV screen?

Ever wanted to stream a live football match from Youtube onto your TV screen without the mess of HDMI cables?

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This is exactly what this media dongle (attached to the TV screen) shall be able to solve with its mobile app. You can change tracks or even play some other content with just few flicks on your mobile screen without the entaglement of long wires.

This HDMI Dongle plugs into your television and lets you stream content from multiple sources like YouTube, local content on your phone or laptop onto your big screen television in HD quality.


Teewe uses your smartphone as a remote control and a content display medium to bring you relevant content in a nice usable interface.

This dongle is a boon eliminating several apps users have to download for content aggregation.

The team has spent a good part of the last one-year building and perfecting this awesome consumer product.

Their desktop media server is also a content organizer, library and pulls in metadata from global sources to improve user’s media consumption experience.

Sai Srinivas the CEO and Cofounder of Mango Man Consumer Electronics shares,

Now that Teewe is ready, we love the experience and so does everyone else who has tried the product and of course we want to share it with everyone who hasn’t heard of us. We are part of the 90s generation who loved to crowd around their television every evening and weekends; but somehow with the massive amount of growth seen in mobile the television got left behind. We feel we can bridge this divide with an easy to use alternative which becomes part of our lifestyle instead of trying to change it and most importantly at an affordable price point. The idea was and remains to keep the hardware at a bare minimum and let the intelligence be entirely software driven. A single remote control and library of all your content with all of your content sources right at your fingertips.

The team is currently in the middle of a pilot with a leading telco in Delhi/NCR and receiving a great customer feedback.

The product shall be available publicly for pre-orders soon starting 28th of August 2014 for a remarkable price of Rs.1999 only.

They are relying on the support of friends, the kindness of strangers and the team’s faith in the teewe experience to spread the word.

 Mango Man Consumer Electronics was part of the TechSparks 2013 Tech30 startups. Check this year’s TechSparks lineup. 

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