Findoye allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with tangible outcomes

Findoye is a thought platform to connect, contribute and collaborate. It is all about doing and achieving something together. It’s a virtual hangout, where you find like-minded people, resources and new avenues.


The brainchild of Deepak Puligaddan and Shalini Mohan, Findoye allows users to blog, share photos, any other content across six streams — lifestyle, music, companionship, sport, business and travel.

For some time now, the duo was toying with the idea of ‘social interaction with a purpose’, especially for those who are looking to find new people and resources to do something like playing golf, planning a group tour, changing lifestyle, looking for business opportunities or knowing more about luxury products and so on.

“We are bootstrapped. We raised some capital from savings and we knew that we have to invest a lot of good time and effort in bringing a team together. We have put a small team for helping us with IT, content design and development and marketing. Slowly, we saw our website coming up, and with each day, we debated the features and the operational aspects,” says Deepak.

Deepak is a Chartered Accountant with 18 years of corporate experience with companies like GE, IBM and Siemens while Shalini is a serial entrepreneur, who successfully exited from corporate gifts and lifestyle product business.

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Major features and traction

“Findoye is a great platform to communicate and co achieve; it will get better with time,” says Deepak. People can register on Findoye and post threads and requirements that other members can respond to. Private messaging is also possible, provided the members enable that.

“Our mission is to connect people with similar interests and prompt them to pursue their interests. If someone wants to start playing golf and is looking for a partner, he/she can create a post, and wait for interested people to respond,” adds Deepak.

Besides these, the startup has a segment of wonderful articles written by its editorial team. People can read and enjoy them and also update themselves with latest trends and new information.

Since its launch, the company has acquired 300 users. “The digital marketing is just kicking in, so our reach will increase manifold,” informs Deepak.

Plans for scaling up & revenue model

“We will leverage technology, content and marketing for scaling up our venture. More features will be added as we go along, more intuitive search options, suggestions, reviews, location services, and mobile apps etc.,” adds Deepak.

The startup wants to keep the website free for members and will generate revenue from advertisement CPM/CPC, subscription for content access, and sponsorships for content and affiliate fee. “Our vision is to engage people in meaningful conversations with tangible outcomes. Social media is great, we just want to add purpose to it and motivate people to pursue their long cherished desires,” adds Deepak.

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