Highlights from the GE 2014 Global Innovation Barometer

The Global Innovation Barometer from GE is in its 4th edition now and is a global survey that explores how business leaders around the world view innovation and how those perceptions are influencing business strategies in an increasingly complex and global environment. We carried the last year results here and the latest report is out now which takes in views from 26 countries.

Here are few key highlights from India for this year:

  • 91% of Indian respondents believe innovation has improved people’s lives in last 10 years
  • Talent, Government intervention and Technology are the key drivers of innovation in India
  • Talent: 86% respondents believe combining talents, ideas, insights and resources across the world is the only way to be successfully innovative
  • Government Intervention: 43% respondents believe government support for innovation is efficiently organized
  • Technology: 64% respondents believe analytics and predictive knowledge is a priority for innovation to succeed

Find the complete report here-

Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta

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