iMed-S, an app inspired by TrueMD, helps you find suitable substitutes for expensive medicines


Whenever we fall ill, most of us follow the same protocol: visit our family doctor or a specialist depending on the ailment, get a prescription from the doctor and then purchase medicines without a second thought.

Most of the medicines that doctors prescribe are generally quite expensive, and people who cannot afford expensive medicines may not know that there are cheaper alternatives of the same medicine. iMed-S is a mobile app, inspired by TrueMD that hopes to change the scenario.

About the Founders

A group of Bitsians developed a website titled TrueMD to create social awareness about generic medicines. The website is a generic medicine search engine which lists down the names of generic and other cheaper substitutes of branded medicines. It also provides open source API for developers to make healthcare apps.

Thinking on the same concept as TrueMD, the founders behind iMed-S started to develop an Android and an iOS app using the open source API provided by TrueMD.”

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This application is a product of Paxcel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It was founded by Punit Sindhwani, a serial entrepreneur. He also Co-founded MirchiMart in 2012, Founded Paxcel Technologies (p) Ltd and Paxcel LLC in 2003, Co-Founded Erevu Inc in 2001, which was acquired by Aladin Enterprise Systems  Inc USA (now part of Smith Micro) within seven months of its inception.


Mahendra Kumar, Head Mobile app development in Paxcel, is the Founder of the iMed-S app. He is a BITS Pilani graduate with six+ years of mobile development experience.

For example, Plavix, a medicine used by heart patients, costs around Rs.1616 per 14 tablets but has a substitute Caplor which costs around Rs. 17 per 14 tablets. Almost 95 times cheaper!

Generic substitutes are comparatively cheaper, but we do not use them. The possible reasons could be because of our ignorance and pre-conceived notions. We are being forced to buy expensive medicines. We never ask our doctor to prescribe us generic medicines.

The App

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The app has simple but effective user interface.The app searches medicine by brand name as well as generic name. After searching, it compares the price of both brand and its substitute generic medicine. A user just has to type the name of the medicine that they have been prescribed and hit search. Results are then provided with details of that particular medicine as well as it generic substitutes in increasing order of price.

TrueMD has got a database of more than one lakh medicines and iMed-S uses this in their app.You can download the app here for Android and iOS. Do let us know what you think of the concept and also the app. 

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor and get his or her approval before using any medicines, generic or otherwise.

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