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TechSparks fever is on and we’re just coming out of the first city event yesterday! The Bangalore event opener was great with the likes of Mohandas Pai speaking at the event. TechSparks is India’s largest multi-city entrepreneurial summit where upcoming technology startups are recognized. Into the fifth edition now, the event has discovered many gems and this year is as exciting as ever. We come across some phenomenal entries and just to exemplify that fact, we’re showcasing some of those companies here:

1. Ghar360

Ghar360 is a product from Techzag Solutions Private Limited that enables users to design and visualize the home interiors that enables them to get a better understanding of the home interiors even before it is physically constructed. It is an online visualization tool for home interiors where users can try out with various products from different categories enabling the users to customize the products as per their own interests in home décor, furniture and much more. The company has been founded by Sanju Thomas, the technology head and Ajesh joy, the sales spearhead.

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2. Quickly App

Quickly aims to supercharge your email. The product is very young and still in private beta but the concept holds a lot of potential. Based on the context of your email, Quickly suggests a single action or a series of actions that you can take. All you need to do is approve the suggestion. With just one click, you can get a whole lot of work done.

All one needs to do is to approve or ignore suggestions made by Quickly. Everytime one approves, Quickly performs the actions and learns about how one wants to handle similar emails. The product comes from the founders of Guitarstreet and is currently being tested out before a public launch.

3. Hacktronics

Niche eCommerce will always be interesting. And that’s why Hacktronics finds a place on the list. A Bangalore based eCommerce company, Hacktronics India is a place that will make any electronics geek ecstatic. Right from Development boards to interface boards to sensors, Hacktronics stocks everything one would need to make an electronic project happen.

Hacktronics India was founded in 2013 by Priyank, a Software Engineer and Neha Mehta, an Embedded & VLSI Engineer, with a goal to create an online place for learning electronics and procuring material to create.

4. Intugine

Intugine dabbles in the Hardware space with Nimble- a tiny and flexible ring shaped device designed to transform a 15 ft area in front of the computer into a highly accurate interactive space (sub-mm accuracy within 1 m and sub-cm within 5 m).

One just need to plug in the USB sensor in the computer, get the nimble on a finger and leave the rest on the software. The product comes with three nimble rings, a USB sensor and a software and is available for pre-order. Intugine has been founded by a team of young engineers, researchers and artists.

5. Skylark Drones

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a topic of discussion around the globe. These vehicles have multiple uses and are a very potent utility which can be used for the better or for the worse. We recently wrote about Drones in India and this list finds one more interesting company that presented at the first city event of TechSparks.

Skylark Drones are working towards making drones affordable and increasing applications to create value. Skylark has two offerings as of now: a) Dronevertising: Drone based advertising and b) DroneVision: A cost-effective way to get an aerial view of any event, terrain or structure. The team behind Skylark is also solid- they have bagged the prestigious NASA Systems Engineering award in 2013, beating 75 other teams from around the world.

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Disclaimer: Not all the above five startups have applied for TechSparks and neither does their mention over here have a relation with their getting selected for the final Tech30 that’ll be announced during the Grand Finale in Bangalore.

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