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Alok Patnia Alok Patnia founded to understand and address the pain points of individuals, businesses and startups. He is an expert in handling taxation issues, has great insights on the business startup issues such as choosing right business entity and also has vast experience in the field of business maintenance services such as accounting, auditing, company law compliances, service tax and other related fields. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a commerce bachelor from St. Xavier’s College having post qualification exposure with Ernst and Young and KPMG at Bangalore.

  • Justdial Reference Point – Impact of IPO on employees and the Company

    When VSS Mani launched his second venture, Justdial in a Mumbai garage, the thought of its IPO subscribing 11.6 times to INR11,000 Cr in the next few years, may have seemed surreal. Even more so after the blow Mani suffered in his first venture Askme. What anyone else would have treated as blow to confidence and retreated from business, Mani transformed into a mega-success.

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  • Startups may look to take advantage of Service Tax Voluntary Scheme 2013

    The Finance Ministry realized that, with the advent of Negative List, collection of Service Tax is quite an uphill task, given its weak infrastructure considering size of our Indian Economy. But the idea of Negative List was primarily aimed at increase in Revenue and the vision could not be compromised with. Within its machinery of collection, there had to be some way of going about it that was friendly as well as result oriented.

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  • Startups just cannot ignore Tax and Regulatory Compliances – An Overview

    We find a very prevalent common phenomenon in the startup arena, where after an idea is born, the initial strategy to pursue the idea is made by bringing in employee, getting an entity (Company or LLP) incorporated, followed by the PAN and TAN, and opening a bank account. All set, let us do business now, and grow as big as it gets. End of chapter! Is it? Its certainly not.

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  • Fund Raising Options for Startups – An Overview

    A startup needs money for initial infra-structural costs (be it buying systems, capital goods, servers, and other set-up costs) and also needs money for running day to day business operations till the time the business does not make enough money( that’s called working capital). Startups generally can raise money from two sources; one is called its internal source and other obviously the external.

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