Author - Ayyappa Nagubandi

Ayyappa Nagubandi A thinker, parallel entrepreneur, inventor and a businessman too. Ayyappa is a Hyderabad based creative professional who has had long stints in various IT environments across the world. A dreamer who believes that everything is possible and all that is required to make things happen is just the application of a simple and strategic thought and loads and loads of common sense. He moved on from a start-up company he engineered to presently lead a new collective goal – Possibillion - a storehouse of a billion ideas and innovations.

  • The Balloon Story – What does matter

    When I was around nine or ten, I realized that I was not what someone would call a “great looking fellow”. And for a child that age, that realization can prove to be a strong blow. I sulked around, not knowing what to do, or how to rectify it (I thought I had made some mistake).

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  • The Brave Road Of An Entrepreneur

    We walk through this life but once. We all have a hidden desire to leave an impact at some level or the other and surely with some people or more. It is a baggage we all carry.

    Many would believe that this is an empty desire and we are not naturally gifted, we believe in wrongly that impact making people are those who make headlines. Our examples are typically politicians, film stars and cricketers. The truth is they do not make the World. Even more interestingly they do not constitute the core that makes a good society or a system that guarantees better living.

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