Author - Pieter Kemps

Pieter Kemps Pieter works for Amazon Web Services and interacts closely with leading VC’s and fast growing tech startups in Asia. He is passionate about startups that combine product innovation with strong business model economics. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal thoughts of Pieter Kemps and do not reflect the views of his employer or their associates.

  • Leveraging the Cloud for operational & financial streamlining of your business – Part 2

    The previous post explained how late-stage VC’s and PE firms are increasingly working together with the CFO’s of their portfolio companies to drive value creation through financial and operational streamlining of their business. I explained in more detail how Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables CFO’s to use IT as a tool for financial streamlining by avoiding and reducing costs, moving assets off balance sheet and increasing Return on Assets and capital efficiency

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  • Raising Seed and Series A Rounds

    The thinking, analysis, and work that goes on behind the scenes before you can articulate your business in a simple yet comprehensive way is far from easy. In addition, it progresses and changes as you go through your lifecycle as a startup, and as you go through the funding process.

    Let’s say you read the previous post on raising an Angel round, successfully raised $250K, and used the funds to test your startup’s key hypothesis, build your product, and acquired some customers through your customer development efforts. Now, your money is running out and it is time for the next round of funding: the Seed round. This is the round that should help you really validate your business model in more detail, and help you get to scale.

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  • What Do You Mean … Strategy?

    Many entrepreneurs love technology, love programming, and love product development. They do not love strategy. Strategy is often seen in a negative light: fluffy slide-ware that is..

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