Author - Sriram V Iyer

Sriram V Iyer is Co-Founder of United Mobile Apps, and also the Technology Editor for His interests areMobile / Wireless / Broadband technologies (esp LTE), Mobile Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Symbian) and Programming. He has a special liking for dynamic programming languages (esp Python) and dabbles in Ruby, F# and Lisp occasionally. When he is not doing anything tech, he keeps stressing his motorcycles and dreams to race one day. Talks more and works out less when it comes to martial art forms. You can follow him in twitter - @sviyer

  • How Broadband can change the business dynamics in India…

    Most of us have complained about bad infrastructure in India – roads, red-tape to setup businesses and processes, unclear and complex laws for taxation, non-deterministic period once Government is involved etc. The bigger and more critical problem is the lack of broadband in India.

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