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  • [YS Lounge] Death Threat From An ex-Employee and Lessons Learned, a True Story From a Startup Life

    Any serious start-up cannot afford employees who don’t match the gene. My start-up Moolya is no exception to it. Our goal is to change the way world tests and how the world perceives the value of testing. To change the world, we know we need people different from the usual lot. We need people like us – who think different, who are courageous and who want to do awesome in their life and change the world. To get people like us, our hiring cannot be traditional. So, our hiring is structured in ways to find people who are different.

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  • Will Your Startup Win the Awesome Workplaces Award? Participate and Find Out

    In our search for the companies that provide these jobs, YourStory is excited to launch the Awesome Startup Workplaces Awards. Through these first ever employer of choice awards for startups, YourStory aims to hear the voice of startup employees, analyze what makes them tick and recognize the companies that are the most Awesome Startup Workplaces. We invite startups and their employees to participate in this pioneering initiative.

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