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  • Hiring experienced employees for your startup: Part 1 – Challenges with your existing team

    In your startup journey, there will come a stage when you feel the need to hire experienced professionals. Yes, young blood comes with a lot of energy and passion but you will ultimately also need additional skills, depth of knowledge and networks that come from experience.
    Employing highly experienced professionals from the corporate sector comes with its own set of issues and challenges. Many of these challenges come from the impact of hiring the new, experienced hire, on your existing team. It is critical that you are aware of these challenges before you go out and bring your Mr Experienced on board.

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  • [YS Lounge] Death Threat From An ex-Employee and Lessons Learned, a True Story From a Startup Life

    Any serious start-up cannot afford employees who don’t match the gene. My start-up Moolya is no exception to it. Our goal is to change the way world tests and how the world perceives the value of testing. To change the world, we know we need people different from the usual lot. We need people like us – who think different, who are courageous and who want to do awesome in their life and change the world. To get people like us, our hiring cannot be traditional. So, our hiring is structured in ways to find people who are different.

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