Hyderabad articles

  • iWeekend visits Hyderabad

    Within 48 hours from helping entrepreneurs formation of a team, building a business plan, a prototype and then pitching it to angel/early investors is what iWeekend proposes..

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  • Making videos for the startup world, Laputa Media

    The mobile phone camera was the most liberating piece of equipment made, that helped everyone on street to turn into a photographer and videographer. But no matter how good your phone camera is, you still need professional services for recording or producing professional videos. So while you may have your neighbourhood videographer at disposal, if you are in a mood to experiment, try Laputa Media, a video solutions company from Hyderabad that specializes in creating high-quality and cost effective videos for startups.

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  • In conversation with Dr. Venu Kandadai — inventor of UMA and winner of India Innovation Growth Program

    High end smartphones come with a lot of multimedia features, but that also has a drawback – a short battery life. While OEMs are still trying to figure out the solution, taking up the challenge is Dr. Venu Kandadai, who has devised Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA) to solve a plethora of problems that exist in the current multimedia technology at one go. Dr. Kandadai is a faculty at University of Hyderabad in the electronics department and worked at Softronics Ltd.

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