Indian Startups articles

  • Reading a Term Sheet

    A term sheet, typically non-binding on either party, outlines the terms based on which the investor is willing to invest his money. This document is always provided by..

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  • Is the Indian startup ecosystem a hypocritical one?

    When I decided to start my own business I never knew that I was going to be made an overnight hero. When I quit my cushy corporate job, most of my colleagues congratulated me on doing ‘something’ different and ‘challenging’ and were sort of proud of me doing so. My friends also thought on similar lines. It flattered me, but left me amused as well.
    A year down the line, this journey of starting up has thrown up a few questions (and yes, I am still hunting for the answers).
    What is the big brouhaha around being an entrepreneur or starting up? Why is it considered a major milestone in somebody’s life?

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