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  • Top Jobs of the week

    Developers are sought after everywhere and startups are no exception. Last week’s top jobs has maximum requirements for developers, closely followed by business development roles. In the..

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  • 3 Questions that Freshers looking for a Startup job should ask themselves

    Times are tough and good jobs are extremely difficult to come by. Regardless of what their PR releases may say, even the country’s top educational institutes are struggling to place all their students. In such an environment where it’s not about pursuing your dream job but to get any job at all, many freshers are rushing to startups. But is a startup job right for you? Here are some things to consider and ask yourself.

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  • YourStory announces Startup Jobs Fair, come to find your dream job, 27th April, Bangalore

    In your professional career, you are always presented with two choices – one, is to take the safe route, join a big company and climb the ranks of the company, picking up more qualifications along the way. The second, more exciting option is to take the plunge into the rough seas of the startup world. It’s all guts and glory, where falls are hard and rises are rapid; your work talks and in a few short years, you are acquainted with every aspect of running a company and are an integral part of the company’s decisions.

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