Linkedin articles

  • LinkedIn For Entrepreneurs

    We are all well aware of the effectiveness of LinkedIn when it comes to networking and marketing for businesses. But I’d like to re-iterate some key points,..

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  • Practical ‘Zero Budget’ PR and Marketing for Startups

    I am writing this article after a few people asked me to put down the things I spoke at the April Startup Saturday in Hyderabad about Zero Budget Marketing and PR in writing. I am not a PR professional, I have however, experience trying to get free publicity for the startups I have started or have worked with over the past few years – GoUNESCO, Mojostreet and the Hyderabad Marathon.

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  • Inexpensive Ways To Build A Startup Brand

    In case of startups it is certainly much more difficult a challenge to say the least for obvious reasons, more so when decision making is to be done between weather to allocate funds to next big feature you want to release or build your brand in the market. The investment needed in traditional marketing instruments (TV, radio, newspapers, hoarding etc) can be overwhelming for small companies like ours. Unless funded, normally startup have to shy away from such big investments on marketing. This creates a chicken and egg situation, how to get more customers without branding, and how to get funds for branding unless you have enough customers.

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