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  • Subtle Disruption pivots with Seat14a, now a kickstarter for fashion

    Founded by a group of techies and internet enthusiasts, Subtle Disruption (SD) is a kind of a sandbox where in the group works on ideas from different verticals and comes up with products. While in the nascent phase, what they like to call the ‘pupae phase’, the product undergoes a lot of modulation before it finally comes out as a full-fledged product.

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  • Numbers and insights from comScore on the Indian eCommerce Industry

    In this day and age of information where data is king, opinions and feelings have no place if data disagrees with them. Because data is absolute. On Saturday, February 16, at’s eSparks event, world’s premier business intelligence provider, comScore’s India director, Kedar Gavane de-mystified the eCommerce space in India with the help of data. Kedar’s talk had some interesting facts and numbers about the state of eCommerce in India. Here’s a snapshot –

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