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  • Sharpen your product’s focus with the Occam’s razor

    Occam’s razor, also known as the principle of parsimony, is a philosophical construct to dissect a problem to its bare essentials.

    The principle finds references since the time of Aristotle, but was made popular by William of Ockham, who stated ‘Plurality must never be posited without necessity.’

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  • [Humour] Top 5 Product Demos Gone Bad

    Doing a product demo is a high-pressure situation for everyone. And a lot of times, the products refuse to co-operate and seem to suddenly start abiding by murphy’s laws.

    However, we can all take solace in the fact that this happens to the best of people and companies. Here’s a compilation of my favorite moments in tech where the product demo went so bad, that the presenter had no choice but to awkwardly laugh it off.

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