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  • If you like sites Quora & Mouthshut, try Qstacks.com for Q&A on technology

    Searching for something, looking for answers or simply curious, internet has managed to make all things easy. Another interesting format that has gained much traction online is the Q&A format, be it Quora, Mouthshut or other such websites, the user base for these focused, crowd-sourced platforms have been on a rise. One more site trying to make a play in the technology space is a Q & A website – Qstacks.com. Launched in December 2012, it is a platform where people could ask questions about anything related to technology, gadgets, web (web designing, WordPress, websites etc) and social media. It is completely free to ask or answer questions, to index or tag. The site has been built with the support of the open source community.

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  • What to do when you become a crorepati overnight? Like the redBus founders

    So what would you do if you became a crorepate overnight? Go car shopping, maybe buy some diamonds(if you are a lady i.e.), buy a yatch or get yourself a private island? These are things a normal crorepati or maybe Vijay Malaya would do, but the three crorepatis we know — who go by the names Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju and Sudhakar Pasupunuri have no such fancy plans. “I will go back to office on Monday morning,” says Phanindra aka Phani nonchalantly.

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  • Practical ‘Zero Budget’ PR and Marketing for Startups

    I am writing this article after a few people asked me to put down the things I spoke at the April Startup Saturday in Hyderabad about Zero Budget Marketing and PR in writing. I am not a PR professional, I have however, experience trying to get free publicity for the startups I have started or have worked with over the past few years – GoUNESCO, Mojostreet and the Hyderabad Marathon.

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