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  • How adversity turned Josephine Selvaraj into an entrepreneur

    Besides her original name, Josephine Selvaraj is known by quite a few nicknames, and of the lot ‘Queen Bee’ is the one even she is proud to flaunt. Josephine Selvaraj is both an entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur. Unlike the many high profile women entrepreneurs we have written about in the past, Josephine turned entrepreneur to fulfill the most basic need that many Indian families still struggle for – three square meals a day. “We were a family of five me, my husband and three children. My husband earned Rs 2000 per month and things were difficult when you have children going to school and a family to support,” explains Josephine. She has a degree in history and at some point she also toyed with the thought of being a teacher. But a three-day course in bee-keeping at Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK) at Madurai changed her life forever.

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