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  • [Techie Tuesdays] Vaibhav Kaushal’s journey through ignorance, to Ankit Fadia and to programming mastery

    Vaibhav Kaushal and I got off to a great start. For one, he appreciated us for the work that we do at, which is always good to hear. Second, Vaibhav has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, and his product,, was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever heard of. You can assemble electronic components with each other and the site would tell you if they are compatible to each other or not.

    He is also a technology writer on many technology publications like OpenSource for you and Digit.

    And the most important part – Vaibhav is one of the lead developers for the Q-Cubed php framework, a master programmer, despite being a college dropout. His journey, like many others whom we’ve covered in this column, is fascinating, if not anything else.

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