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  • Heckyl expands to UK

    After firmly setting base in India, financial data analytics startup, Heckyl Technologies has now entered the UK market. The company recently shared news about setting up its first..

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  • Here are the CitySparks of Kochi – Three of Kerala’s most exciting startups!

    Kochi was the first stop of the six-city round in this year’s TechSparks event. We are conducting regional round tables in six cities before we crown the final 30 at the Grand Finale in Bangalore, later this year. As a part of these regional round tables, we identify local entrepreneurs and give them a platform to pitch their startup’s offerings in front of an esteemed panel. And based on various parameters on which these startups are evaluated, they may very well go on to present at the TechSparks Grand Finale.

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  • How Heckyl Technologies is Demystifying Stock Market For Indian & International Investors

    Today they service 14 clients, collect information from over 1.5 million sources and are on their way to international expansion. Heckyl Technologies from Mumbai is among our TechSparks winners from 2011, who has cemented our faith in them as a promising technology startup and reposed the market’s confidence in their product. Heckyl offers a number of products that can helps the stock trading community make informed decisions about their investments in the stock market. “We are a non-broking trading entity connecting you to the retail trading community,” explains Mukund Mudras, co-founder, Heckyl Technologies.

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