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  • Indian App Developer Viewpoint – Platforms, Monetization and more

    The mobile app economy really kicked off with the launch of the iOS App store in 2008. Platforms like Ovi for Symbian and S40, Windows Mobile and Blackberry were around earlier, but none generated the excitement or the revenues of the iOS App store.

    Competitors followed suit: Google launched the Android marketplace in 2008 (later rechristened as Google Play), followed by the Windows Phone marketplace in 2009. The much acclaimed Qt-based MeeGo was stillborn, with Nokia announcing its demise before its official launch, and served more as a developer playground.

    In the period between 2012 and 2013, five new mobile platforms – Tizen, Blackberry 10, Firefox mobile, Ubuntu, Sailfish – have been announced or commercially launched. Read more about these platforms here.

    Suddenly, it seems, everyone’s courting developers.

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