Team YS

Shradha Sharma, Founder and looking for a designation that sums up the “real life of a founder”

Shradha Sharma grew up in Patna, Bihar. And she is still growing. She started YourStory as a therapy for her own soul 6 years back and has lived, dreamt, learnt and re-learnt through stories that entrepreneurs have so passionately shared with her in the last half a decade. She believes that all bad, ugly and wrong that happened to her has made her the strong person she is today. She adores life and makes desperate attempt to live in the moment.Hard to pick, but one of her many favourite song is here.  And just to put some rationality in her profile, her work experience in Times of India and CNBC come in handy.

Vallabh Rao, Writer

Vallabh Rao has been part of YourStory since 2009 . He is currently based in Beijing, China where is learning Chinese, getting to know the Chinese tech/startup industry and mastering how to eat with chopsticks! He writes about startups with a focus on Asia and social/green entrepreneurship among other topics. He has previously worked with various organizations in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem including Ashoka, Unitus Capital, Changemakers and Rockefeller Foundation.

Akash Das, Asst Manager, Content and Social Media

Akash has been with YourStory since its inception and is the hands on member of our team. Always ready to help, Akash naturally found YourStory to his liking.

Varsha Adusumilli

Varsha is the go-to hustler at YourStory. Varsha joined YourStory in April 2011. She is an alumnus of BITS Pilani. Prior to joining YourStory full time, Varsha worked at Amazon Development Center, & Wells Fargo. Varsha is a firm believer in the power of digital media and entrepreneurship to bring about positive change in the society, and she is at it with YourStory. She finds the energy and enthusiasm of building startups from scratch invigorating, and is fascinated by world history and good companies. She spends some of her free time interacting with entrepreneurs, reading all kinds of books, and listening to The Beatles and Bob Dylan. She is an avid tweeter @varsha181

Chandan Raj

Chandan is the pillar of strength at YourStory or so he has been told over the last few years. Previously he was at IBM Software Labs. Apart from doing everything that can be done to make things work in a high energy startup like YS, Chandan focuses on learning about founders, innovators and changemakers psyche and natural systems evolution. He is also a Fellow @Sandbox_Network and Co-founder @Aashayein Foundation, an NGO empowering underprivileged children through education.

Samridhi Sharma, Director, Workshops and Campaigns 

She believes every entrepreneur goes through a journey and that’s what makes them truly special. Love to work around startup and get inspired daily by working closely with them!

Samridhi joined YourStory in October 2010 and she writes about entrepreneurs when she is not short of words, She tweets about them when she  have enough to fit in 140 (@samridhiYS) characters and  organize campaigns, workshops and events to bring the ecosystem 1 step closer to each other. Live in a city which never sleeps(Mumbai) and can be reached at

Jubin Mehta, Content lead

Jubin is a prolific writer and has covered more than a 1000 Indian startups for YourStory over the past few years. An engineer from NIT Surat, he has a knack for analysis and has a keen eye on upcoming startups across domains. On the other side, his interest in sustainable living has taken him to a village in Himachal Pradesh where he is building  infinity.

Gokul K, Design Lead  

If Gokul is given an option to choose an avatar in his next life he would still choose to be a designer. Design as a discipline itself is liberating for him. In his words, “ I feel as if i am in sync with the cosmos and have got the power to manifest the most profound thing in this universe.” This journey of his engagement with design started when he  was very young and started questioning the very fundamental of our existence. Very consciously he chose to use design as the path to experientially progress and spread the joy.

Ezhilan Baskar, The App Ninja and the Doer 
Ezhilan is the go-getter in YourStory, who leaves no stone unturned to make things happen. Yeah, the stone sometimes hits the poor mortals around him, but, he is on a chase to make the impossible become possible everyday. He is at it, and drives everyone to it too.
Rukmangada Raja, The Cameraman

A Diploma holder in Cinematography, Raja has.worked with India TV and CNBC TV18 as a senior Cameraman.He joined YourStory last year. He loves reading and enjoys music and watching sports. He likes travelling too.

Anjali V

As a child Anjali was into visual media, watching movies/stories on TV. Now she enjoys making visual stories at YourStory. She has worked with CNBC-TV 18 and with Times Now as video editor and video producer at News 9. She enjoys music and plays the veena. Her love for movies continues. Women leaders and entrepreneurs are her inspiration.

Jayanth Ramesh, Social Media Lead

Jayanth graduated from NIT Surat. He is the ‘Strategy guy’ who loves to take things to a whole new level.He leads the Digital Marketing at YourStory and loves to develop creative marketing strategies to capture and captivate our readers/customers.A voracious reader, he loves reading the biographies of business tycoons for the adrenaline rush it gives him. For his inner self he feeds on the wisdom found in spiritual literature.He loves to show his moves while on the dance floor or playing the piano.

Avinash Savanth, Office head

Avinash is am a B.Com graduate who earlier worked at HSBC bank as Credit Process Officer and Unitus Capital as Office Administrator. He joined Yourstory in October. He likes travelling and reading books.He enjoys music and loves playing cricket.

Madanmohan Rao, Research Consultant

Madan is a Level 6 Certified Gypsy, which means he gets jet lag only when he doesn’t travel. He is not satisfied with having visited only 80 countries, he wants to see them all — and then once more to see what has changed. The only thing he likes better than reading and devouring books is writing them, of which he has already penned 15. Madan’s hobbies include beer appreciation and travel, and his work involves research, writing, and consulting in innovation. For fun (which can also be work!) he is a columnist and DJ/RJ in world music and jazz. Turn-offs are bores, slow talkers, and corrupt clueless people who hold back progress. He is thoroughly enjoying being Asia’s most eligible bachelor.

Jai Vardhan, Deputy Editor

Starting his career as a crime reporter with ‘The Indian Express’, Jai Vardhan is a storyteller, erstwhile entrepreneur and a habitual prankster. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship, philosophy and startups, not necessarily in that order. He likes connecting the dots, breaking news, nose and beliefs – ‘To wake up in life one must fall asleep’. Chase him @jaivardhan88

Aditya Dwivedi

Known for his borrowed old b/w phone, Bhushan prefers playing snake to Temple Run. You can find him online dissipating wisdom on Quora or offline in bookstores. He likes trolling people and then clicks the constipated look on their face. His next book is, “The Dysentery Destroyers”.

Abhash Kumar

When he is not over-analyzing random stuff, Abhash likes to read a lot and write a little. He has helped co-found Gyan Lab, an education startup while still at college. Most of the time, you can find him hanging out with startuppers and go-getters OR convincing people why Koramangala is the best place on earth. His (not so) secret wish is to be endowed with the deduction skills of Sherlock Holmes.

Dipti Nair

Less is more. If there’s anything that my years in print journalism have taught me, it is this. And that’s how I choose to live. Along the way, I have enjoyed my stints in other mediums like television, radio and now the Web. When not surrounded by startup stories, I like to travel in search of inspiring stories myself. You can find them in ‘The National Geographic Traveller, India’ and ‘India Today, Travel Plus’. I also take time out to teach pottery; and at present run the risk of being bitten by what we at YS call the E bug!

Manu Shrivastava

An engineer by qualification, Manu is ironically passionate about everything else (“Soul reason to be at YourStory”).During college worked as Research Assistant at RMUTP, Thailand for 2 months, after graduating joined Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer for a year and moved ahead joining YS Research Team.When he is not working you will find him catching up with my friends, visiting places and meeting new people. Hogging at some restaurant is something else you may find him indulging in. He believes he is best at “sleeping”.

Shreyansh Singhal

Starting with real world work experience with YourStory, Shreyansh has evolved and matured by being around with awesome people from awesome startups. When not telling stories, he is either engrossed in a book or painting and sketching for a friend or doing some crazy new random stuff. He strongly believes in “Getting Shit Done”.

Sumnesh Chandavarkar

Sumnesh is Assistant Manager, Events and Campaigns @ YouStory. He has been a part of YourStory team since 2012.  With an MBA in Human Resources, he is currently part of the events team, he is into adventure sports. He likes cricket and enjoys reading and swimming.

Aditya Pahuja, Designer

Aditya lives in a world of imagination. He is a storyteller who is obsessed with animation. And, when he comes out of his imaginative world you can expect design to happen.

Tanvi Dubey

A sucker for most things ancient Tanvi loves old books and ruins. Tanvi gets a kick from visiting monuments and decoding “stories from sites”. This complements her graduate and post-graduate degrees in History from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.She loves to groove on desi beats on the dance floor. Reading who dun its and American crime series add to the thrill of life. Her fluency in Bhojpuri (yes Bhojpuri) is matched by her passion for gourmet cooking.Love and passion according to her are the answer to all the troubles in the world.


Emmanuel Amberber is an EIR at YourStory/Africa. An Ethiopian by Passport but Hyderabadi by heart. Also, he is co-founder of FlyingCocoon, a social media agency. Loves startups, tech, entrepreneurship, and the intersection of India & Africa.

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is YourStory’s US Correspondent and Deputy Editor of Search Engine Journal. Murray founded The Mail in 2013, an angel-funded startup publication covering performance marketing and mobile marketing. Murray is an advisor to a number of bay area startups including VigLink. In 2011 Wiley published his book Online Marketing: A User’s Manual. Born in England, Murray moved to the USA in 2011 being recognized by the US government as “an alien of extraordinary ability”.Murray recently published Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals with Bruce Clay.