YourStory Code of Conduct

YourStory is a leading platform for startups, investors and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our code of conduct is based on the following eight core principles:

1. Accuracy:
We make sure our facts are correct, drawn from cited primary and secondary sources.

2. Originality:
Our material is original and not plagiarised from other sources. Where references are made, full proper citation guidelines will be used. Photographs and other multimedia content will not be altered or doctored from the original sources in a malicious manner.

3. Integrity:
Our writers will not accept ‘gifts’ in exchange for coverage of issues, companies, products and individuals.

4. Errata:
Any mistakes made in the articles, if pointed out by readers, will be corrected where relevant and acknowledgements duly made.

5. Agenda:
We strive to ensure that only the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem benefits, and not individual parties at the cost or detriment of other parties.

6. Disclosure:
If a contributor has any involvement with the covered individuals or companies (eg. relative, investor), this relationship will be fully disclosed.

7. Confidentiality:
Where necessary, we will keep certain kinds of information confidential but not use this in breach of the trust of those who gave us this information.

8. Scope:
The aforementioned code covers our entire value chain – reporters, journalists, columnists, guest writers, editors, designers, technical team, promoters and marketing teams. Breaches of conduct will be dealt with in the strictest possible terms, once due process and appeal has been undertaken.