Anil Bhutoria, Founder, Stadel Hotel, Kolkata


Luxury under the eaves of the Salt Lake Stadium.

Anil Bhutoria constructed his 3-star hotel under the stadium ramps and established Stadel as a brand synonymous with luxury in Kolkata.

My Story

I was always interested in doing my own business. This was the only justified option which suited my temperament and character. So in April 2003, I started Stadel, a 3-star hotel in Kolkata. Being the first hotel of its kind under the stadium ramps, people had mixed feelings. Also with a lot of star category hotels opening in close proximity, there was speculation whether we will be able to establish ourselves. However the last 5 years have successfully proven our mettle and established Stadel as a brand to reckon with in Kolkata.

The USP of The Stadel that it has been constructed under the eaves of the Salt Lake Stadium, and there is nothing like it anywhere in India. It has made the best use of this structure and has come up with a hotel that is both intimate, and yet spacious, with plenty of greenery that is in sync with the environmental concerns of today.

What do we offer our guests that no other hotel does in our price point?

The Stadel is one of the more classy hotels in the 3-star category. Its rooms are done up with excellent levels of comfort and style; its outlets are varied and exciting and its range of facilities are a real draw for any Indian or international traveler. The Egyptian themed Heka bar is very special where evenings are rocking and the daytime is a quiet retreat where lunching over a drink is a pleasurable experience. The First Innings in its new avatar is a beautiful multi-cuisine outlet, where the food quality is unmatched and the pricing is competitive. The banquet facilities with their indoor-outdoor combination give clients a great choice for weddings, conferences, functions. The Rasam is the only one of its kind South Indian restaurant in the city. The Baker Boy outlet offers breads, cakes, ice creams and chocolates at the best prices as compared with other confectionery outlets in the city. The Florist stocks a wide range of fresh and artificial flowers and the newly opened beauty salon is the answer to people's needs in the Salt Lake area.

We have grown over 100% consistently over the last five years and employ 135 people currently. Hospitality industry growth is symbiotic to overall growth of trade and commerce in the country. Everything depends on the demand and supply chain. If there is a demand from a certain section of the business, the hospitality industry will update itself automatically.To establish ourselves as one of the leading players in the budget hotel category, we are planning to have multiple branches all across India under the brand Stadel. Going forward, we would also create and build other hospitality related facilities other than the hotel. We are looking for funds, skilled manpower and technology

My suggestion to other entrepreneurs is to involve your audience in the planning stages of your business and never forget: it is about them, not you.